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Acme Self Store Stores More With Mezz Lift

Acme Self Store Stores More With Mezz Lift

Acme Self Store Stores More With Mezz Lift

Acme Self Storage, Burntwood, UK

“Without the Mezz Lift we would struggle,” says Judith Randle, in charge of customer services at Acme Self Store. “We can now use more of the storage rooms on the first floor as we continue to build the business.”Acme Self Store has increased storage capacity at its site in Burntwood, Staffordshire by installing a Mezz Lift from Penny Hydraulics to handle items between the ground and first floors. The Mezz Lift allows Acme Self Store to handle larger and bulkier loads safely and efficiently between floors with no need for manual handling and eliminating the need to carry items up stairs. This means the company can make better use of the upstairs storage space without additional construction work.

Acme Self Store is a successful business offering a range of self-storage services to private and business customers. The building comprises a number of individual lockable storage rooms on the ground and first floors. Customers include individuals who need temporary storage for household items while they are away or moving home as well as businesses who need to store all sorts of items temporarily or long-term. As the business expanded the company wanted to use the first floor storage areas with greater flexibility. This was impractical because larger items could not easily be carried up the narrow stairs and inefficient because of the time spent carrying items between the two floors. As a result, first floor storage was mainly used by customers with small and easy-to-handle items which meant the available space was not always used efficiently.

“We needed a lift to raise items up to the first floor,” says Judith Randle. “This allows us to make better use of the storage rooms.”

Acme Self Store realised that a lift would provide a solution. It had a good idea of the sort of device it wanted and approached a number of suppliers, including Penny Hydraulics, to discuss its requirements and find out more about the costs. Penny Hydraulics suggested that its Mezz Lift would provide the ideal solution for lifting loads up to 250kg between the two floors which are three metres apart.

“The Mezz Lift clearly provided an ideal solution and the price attracted us to it,” says Judith Randle.

The Mezz Lift has been installed on the ground floor and is surrounded by a safety cage to prevent unauthorised people from approaching the unit when in use. The standard steel platform is ideal for the boxed loads that need to be handled between floors.

Compact design minimises the Mezz Lift’s footprint without restricting the available storage space and working area. It is available in a range of configurations with a maximum working load of 250kg at heights up to 4.0m. Bespoke versions are also available to meet customers' specific requirements. Robust construction using steel components ensures the Mezz Lift can be installed indoors or outdoors for reliable and productive use.

Self-contained hydraulic power provides smooth and precise operation with no need for a floor pit. The Mezz Lift is supplied with its own motor pump unit and can be installed in any location where there is a standard 240V 13A mains power supply. The lifting speed of 0.5m/s means that a four metre distance between the ground floor and mezzanine is covered in just eight seconds. A unique hold-to-run system promotes safety by stopping the lift whenever the control lever is released. Additional safety features include overload protection. Interlocked gates that prevent entry to the working area while the lift is moving are available as an option.

As its business continues to grow, Acme Self Store is looking to add more capacity to the Burntwood depot. The company has recently asked Penny Hydraulics to add some side frames to the lifting platform of the Mezz Lift so that it can handle non-boxed items more easily. These frames will allow unusually shaped and unstable items to be handled safely and securely so that Acme Self Store can make even better use of the first floor rooms.

“Anytime we have had a problem or needed some help Penny Hydraulics has been out very quickly,” says Judith Randle.

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