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500kg MezzLift in a lightwell the perfect solution for London Home

500kg MezzLift in a lightwell the perfect solution for London Home

An existing service customer approached Penny Hydraulics for a light well lifting solution.

Penny Hydraulics was approached by House Manager, Paul Cordes as a replacement lifting solution was needed for a lightwell lift. Unfortunately, their existing old lift had been involved in an incident in which an employee was injured.

‘The existing lift was a safety concern and the fact that it had contributed to an injury of a member of staff’ says Rob Thomson, Penny Hydraulics Goods Lifts Area Sales Manager. ‘We were asked to provide a safe solution to replace the existing lift to enable the Lombard House team to move big 4 wheel bins from below ground to street level via their lightwell’.The lightwell lift that Penny Hydraulics specified includes caged, enclosed sides to secure the load and prevent the risk of anything falling from the platform onto people below. 

Interlocked Doors

Interlocked doors were fitted to prevent any accidents whilst the goods lift is in use. Interlocks ensure that the lift will only operate whilst the doors are locked shut, opening again once the lift has travelled to the level required. This restricts access to the lift shaft whilst it is travelling and eliminates many safety concerns. This provided the Lombard House team with a safe and efficient lifting solution when moving their big commercial bins from below ground to pavement level. The maximum working load of 500kg has also allowed the team to take deliveries directly down to the working area from the kerbside.

Penny Hydraulics Lightwell Lifts

Lightwells are increasingly being used as an access point to deliver goods directly to basements; the lightwell lift has been designed as a lifting solution for moving goods safely between these levels.

Penny Hydraulics has designed, manufactured and installed lightwell lifts in many UK cities. Applications are for both commercial and personal use. The Lightwell lift comes in many forms to suit the application; the mechanism will be designed bespoke to suit the items being transported and the existing structural constraints. We can provide solutions for a single or double level basement, with maximum working loads of 250kg, 500kg or up 1000kg.

Lightwell lifts have been used to move:

  • Food and drinks deliveries
  • Laundry trolleys and cages
  • Wheelie Bin (from domestic two wheels up to 1100L bins)
  • Bicycles
  • General storage

Penny Hydraulics Goods Lifts

Our range of Goods Lifts are designed and manufactured at Penny’s purpose-built manufacturing facility in the UK allowing the bespoke designs to be installed within short lead times. – typically under 4 weeks. Our comprehensive project management helps clients from site assessment through the design, manufacture and installation phases of every project. An installation date is agreed with contractors and once the equipment is installed, it is commissioned by Penny Hydraulics engineers and readied for use. 

We also offer service agreements and statutory inspections to ensure that your lift is working safely, efficiently and most importantly legally.

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