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250kg Capacity Pallet Lift Installed at Dicoll, Reading

250kg Capacity Pallet Lift Installed at Dicoll, Reading

250kg Capacity Pallet Lift Installed at Dicoll, Reading

Mr David Watson from Dicoll initially contacted the Penny Hydraulics Goods Lifts team back in July 2011 and had the project approved and a goods lift installed in 2012.

Mr Watson required a goods lift to move pallets up to 250kg in weight between the ground floor and the mezzanine floor at the premises in Reading.

Dicoll is one of the UK's leading kiosk manufacturer and supplier of LCD and touch screen displays, manufacturing a range of Information Points, secure public internet access terminals, ticketing kiosks, Chip & Pin kiosks and full colour A4 laser printer kiosks. Dicoll also supply a large range of LCD and touchscreen displays. All Dicoll Products and screens are then supported by their network of engineers.

The mezzanine floor was not very high from ground level at just 2.6m floor to floor so at first Mr Watson and the team were unsure what type of lift would be best suited to their needs.

The Penny Hydraulics goods lifts team specified a Penny Hydraulics MezzLift goods lift with a maximum working load 250kg, fully enclosed in a self- supporting mesh shaft. The platform was sized at 1300mm x 1100mm to suit standard pallet sizes and guarded 900mm high to suit the load direction.

At the entrance to the lift at both levels 2000mm high double gates were specified to be fitted with electrical interlocks to prevent the gates from being opened unless the platform is docked at the appropriate level. A small ramp was provided at the lower level to assist loading on to the 50mm deep platform.

The lift was designed to run off a 20 amp, 240 volt, single-phase supply terminated in a double pole switch at the lower level. Control was via a push to run control station adjacent to the gates at both levels.

The mezzanine floor lift was fitted by Penny Hydraulics specialist team of goods lift installers who fit MezzLifts nationwide. The lift is now in use and is used frequently throughout the day to transport pallets between the ground level and mezzanine floor.

The lift has eliminated the unnecessary manual handling of pallets between the two levels in the building and provided Dicoll with the satisfaction that they are providing the necessary duty of care to their employees at the Reading facility.

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