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The latest health and safety legislation requires that all employers ensure that all employees using or supervising the use of work equipment have received adequate training in method, risk and precautions associated with that equipment.

Penny Hydraulics offer product familiarisation courses to promote the safe use of their equipment. Familiarisation is carried out by qualified instructors and includes practical and theoretical input from the delegates with a certificate of competence issued on successful completion of the course. This type of training is more suited to the smaller Swing Lift cranes and loading platforms. However, for the larger V, FV and PH Cranes or where an approved site certificate or industry card may be required we would always suggest using an approved ALLMI training provider when it comes to lorry loader equipment.

As long standing ALLMI members, Penny Hydraulics are always striving to promote best practice within the lorry loader industry.

The Training itself includes:

  • A brief overview of the lifting legislation
  • CE marking and test procedures
  • The siting of the lorry loader
  • Daily checks
  • Proximity to hazards
  • Alterations and repairs
  • Procedures and precautions
  • Maintenance
  • Stowing for transit
  • Demonstration by Penny Hydraulics trainer
  • Practical demonstration by each trainee
  • Written test by each trainee

ALLMI is the Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers & Importers. It is the UK’s only Trade Association exclusively dedicated to companies involved in the manufacture, importation, servicing, testing and use of lorry loaders. Founded in 1978, ALLMI was formed at the behest of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and it works closely with the HSE in promoting Best Practice.

Reasons to Choose ALLMI Training:

The ALLMI scheme is fully compliant with the requirements of BS7121 Part 4 2010 (the British Standard for lorry loaders).

ALLMI is the only accrediting body to specialise in lorry loader training and it delivers the only operator programme to be written for the lorry loader industry. ALLMI’s training standards are developed and maintained by the ALLMI Training Committee which consists of representatives from various UK loader crane manufacturers, importers, fleet owners and training companies as well as the HSE.

ALLMI provides unequalled and comprehensive technical and legislative support for its accredited instructor network.

The quality and standard of ALLMI’s course documentation for both its instructors and operators cannot be rivalled.

Due to the consistently high standards of its training scheme, ALLMI has been awarded the Health and Safety Executive’s ‘Working in Partnership’ logo of recognition. The logo comes complete with a commendation:

“The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) commends the use of this Training Programme to those who have duties under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. This programme was drawn up with the participation of a HSE representative and will be referred to in relevant HSE publications.”

The ALLMI training scheme is the only lorry loader training scheme in the UK to have received this commendation from the HSE.

Further information regarding ALLMI certificated training please visit the ALLMI website.

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