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Net Promoter Score


Penny Hydraulics Net Promoter Score for February was 80 vs. an industry average of 46. This proven metric used by British Standards transformed the business world and now provides the core measurement for customer experience management programs the world round. Read more

What is the NPS?

A post-purchase survey is sent to all customers to capture customer satisfaction and identify gaps for improvement. A simple question asks how likely the respondent is to recommend our company to a friend or colleague. Scores 0-6 are classed as ‘detractors’, 7-8 are ‘passive’ and 9-10 are ‘promoters’. The net promoter score is calculated as follows: # of promoters - # of detractors/total # of respondents.

How does the NPS help?

The use of the NPS and feedback allows the business to perform a gap analysis and identify potential issues. These issues can then be addressed to enable the business to improve its overall service.

As well as capturing this information which is useful for statistical analysis, we also give respondents the opportunity to provide any further comments to give context to their score.

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