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High Bay Lighting

Difficulty of access is a common problem with High Bay Lighting. Lighting needs to be frequently maintained and inspected and scaffolding towers or MEWPS, both costly and time consuming,  must be used. This type of access equipment often requires multiple, skilled operators. In addition, working from height in this way means increased risk to operators and sometimes it may not be possible to use MEWPS or access towers due to access constraints such as machinery or plant installed directly under lighting.

High Bay winching systems reduce risk by eliminating the need to work at height and reduce downtime by offering a simple operation with no time consuming access equipment being required.

Our winching systems incorporate the use of Contact Suspension Units which combine innovative design with robust construction and simple, reliable operation. When the light is in its raised and operating position the Contact Suspension Unit automatically makes the electrical circuits and engages a “mechanical lock”, consequently relieving the winch, pulleys and wire rope from tension.

Unlocking the unit to lower the light for maintenance automatically breaks the electrical circuits therefore no live cables are lowered with the fitting. The system is operated by a remote self-sustaining hand winch or motorised winch which is connected to the Contact Suspension Unit by a steel wire rope. Pulleys are supplied to carry the wire rope along the desired rope runs.

One man sited at the winch position can easily and quickly lower the light for cleaning and maintenance without the need for ladders or scaffolding.

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Raising & Lowering Systems are experts in helping employers fulfill their duty of care to employees. All products comply with best practice guidelines by eliminating the need to work from height and ensuring that the suspended load has two means of support.

All systems are tested and certificated to LOLER regulations and our service packages ensure continuation of these compulsory annual checks. Although our systems are most commonly used for lighting fittings such as chandeliers, high and low bay lights and high mast lighting, they can also be used for other items such as menu-boards, artwork and speakers. 


Our systems can be designed to lift between 5kg-1500kg+

Mechanical lock acts as secondary support to the winch rope.

Electrical feed is automatically isolated when system is lowered.

Electric systems utilise overload protection.

Off the shelf systems available with quick lead times.

  • Quality assured UK design and manufacture with short lead times on custom systems.
  • Worldwide installation with no sub-contract labour.
  • Project management – Comprehensive project management helps you from the initial site assessment through the design, manufacture, installation and future service phases of the project.
  • Reliable, worldwide inspection, service and maintenance programs customised to your system’s needs.
  • Options

    R&L highbay systems can be powered by either a hand operated or electric winch.

    Depending on the shape of the object being raised/lowered, a system can utilise either one, or multiple ropes to suspend the load.

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